What a difference a week makes…

This was the scene just a week ago, when the Isle of Lewis was hit by strong, cold Northerly winds and, briefly, blizzard conditions. The temperature struggled to stay above zero that day. Thankfully for us, no new lambs came along during the cold snap; four new mums sensibly hung on for a couple of days until it calmed down a little!

Fast forward a week, and a few breeze blocks make for an impromptu bbq, as the temperature hits 18 degrees during the day.¬†Average temperatures on Lewis for this time of year are around 9 degrees, so within a week we’ve had a 100% swing each way!

The good thing about living in a community like Marvig, is that there’s always someone keen to get out to the fishing as soon as the weather picks up. So thanks to Sandra for dropping in with the fresh mackerel, which were on the barbie within a few hours of being caught – and they tasted superb.

We’re not into fishing on the Go Hebrides croft, so a warm sunny May Day is spent planting potatoes. It’s an improvement on last year, when we waited until the first of June for the soil to warm up sufficiently to begin planting, so hopefully the maincrop varieties that did badly last year will benefit from an earlier start this time!

If you fancy visiting a croft during your tour of the Hebrides, call in, and there might be some local produce on offer!