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Isle of Lewis beach


About Go Hebrides

Having spent many years exploring wild and remote area of Scotland on holidays, John Groom gave up his old life and moved to the Outer Hebrides in 2012.

Now married to Ishbel, and living on the family croft in the rugged but beautiful South Lochs area of Lewis, his experiences of discovering life on the islands make him an ideal guide for those wanting to get closer to the real Hebrides.

There are around 40 sheep and 4 hens on the croft, and peat is cut in the traditional way for use as fuel. ‘Lazy beds’ surround the croft house, and although mostly used to graze sheep nowadays, it’s easy to imagine the back breaking work that used to be involved when working all the land entirely by hand!

You are very welcome to include a visit to the croft in your trip, and more than welcome to join in with the jobs!